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Matala Filter media used in SAF(Submerged Aerated Filters) process in Decentralized wastewater treatment systems in Europe
Systems provider : Belleaqua Bvba (link to : http://www.belleaqua.be/ )

Matala Progressive Filtration technology used in Pig farm for 3rd treatment process (after the active sludge process and coagulant) to increase the BOD, SS, COD reduction for effluent in Taiwan
Type of Matala used : FSM290, FSM365, FSM460

3rd treatment process : FSM290, FSM365, FSM460

Matala Progressive Filtration used in IFAS (Integrated Fixed Film/Activated Sludge Systems) in Taiwan Pingtong county woman's prison on wastewater treatment Plant. It is to increase the treatment capacity on the existing wastewater treatment plant without adding more treatment surface area. Type of Matala used : FSM190, FSM290, FSM365

IFAS:FSM190, FSM290, FSM365

Matala used in individula household wastewater treatment system for aerobic and anerobic treatmnet process

Aerobic and anaerobic

Matala progressive filtration technology for River Purification
see the result from the Piolet test
River Purification