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Matala filter media used in Aquaculture Filtration Systems
Applications in Bio-filtration:
‧Energy saving solids removal:
Swirl separator combined with top-layer of medium density Matala sheets.
Low density Matala sheets and medium Density Matala sheets in settling basins.
‧Nitrification:Design criteria 450mg TAN/m2/day
Most cost efficient nitrification can be obtained using High- or Super High Density Matala filter media beyond a high performance pre-filtration system
such as a drum screen filter or a belt filter.
‧Ecological balanced filtration system: Combined with a nitrifying filter an extra eco-filter can be designed using a combination of different densities of Matala filter media subjected to varying flow rates allowing for different populations of bacteria and plankton to be establish and stabilized the water quality.
Matala filter media in combination with natural filtration media.
Application of Matala filter media as a rooting substrate for aquatic plants.
‧Bio-filtration in Rotifer Cultures: Bio-filtration in continuous cultures or batch cultures of rotifers: High- and super High Density Matala filter media have proven to be the ideal filter media to retain flock and for nitrification.
Energy saving solids removal Nitrification Ecological balanced filtration system

Application in ponds provides Aquatic habitat combined with In-Situ Bio-filtration:
Thanks to its rigid tri-dimensional matrix structure, it provides:
  • an idea habitat for shrimp and fish to hide, rest and graze nature food.
  • excellent natural In-Situ Bio-filtration.
  • enhancement of the development of biofilm and plankton as natural food source.
  • easy maintenance of Matala in between cultures.
  • easy harvest.
Tests executed with Macrobrachim rosenbergii, Peneaus vanameii, Peneaus monodon and Tilapia sp. resulted in:
  • enhanced growth,
  • lower mortality,
  • reduce stress,
  • better health,
  • lower artificial feed consumption.

Type of Matala (Tube, Sheet, or coiled), density (degree of specific surface) can be chosen in function of age of fry and stocking densities in hatchery, nursery or grow-out tanks.

In-Situ Bio-filtration

Applications of Matala in ponds and tanks as spawning media:
The 3-dimensinal open matrix is idea for spawning, attachment and collection of eggs and secures a perfect flow of water through the media and oxygenation.
The rigid structure of Matala makes it possible to handle the eggs for eventual treatment.

Marin Aquatic habitat in Nederland for mussels grow

Mussels grow

Matala biomedia used in Trickling Filters

Trickling Filters

Matala filter media used in sedimentation

Sedimentation Project References

Location Company Farmed species Matala installation
Taiwan Jenor indoor high density recirculation Shrimp: P.vanameii
Fish: Grouper, Tilapia
Trickling filter
Submersible biofilter
In-pond aquatic habitat combined with In-Situ Bio-filtration
Hi-Q Lin Bean fish & shrimp farm Shrimp: Macrobrachium
Fish: Grouper, Tilapia
Trickling filter
Submersible biofilter
In-pond aquatic habitat combined with In-Situ Bio-filtration
San Yan fish farm Cobia, Grouper  
China Hai Fa fish farm Marine fish: Flounder, Turbot,
Seabass, Puffer etc…
Plankton production
Rotifer culture
Madagascar Aqualma P. monodon For nursery stages of shrimps
For P. monodon
Philippines   Tilapia Biofilter
Thailand Koi Mart Koi Carp Biofilter
Nederland TNO Mussels As substrate for mussel spat and growth of mussel juveniles.